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⇣ Our approach.

Informed by the latest research across the behavioural sciences and positive psychology, our approach to coaching is evidence-based. And it continues to evolve alongside academia and industry.

Our coaching model is also holistic. We develop mindsets, behaviours & skills that underpin high performance in balance with high wellbeing. That way, employees can flourish as whole people – in life as well as at work.


⇢ Our coaches.

Led by our Head of Coaching, Hollis follows a rigorous vetting process in selecting coaches to join our network. We review their certifications & competencies, test their knowledge & attitudes, and capture ongoing feedback from coachees.

All our coaches are internationally certified (eg. ICF) experts, trained psychologists or have undertaken coach-specific accredited training. All that's left is to onboard them to your culture & values.

Our delivery. ⇠

We leverage the power of technology to make coaching turnkey: simpler to deploy, easier to access and faster to scale. 1-to-1 video and digital messaging in the flow of work – such as inside Slack – means our coaches can meet your employees wherever they are.

Evidence-based micro-learnings – including nudges, exercises and new techniques to practice – are delivered digitally to reinforce positive shifts in mindsets & behaviours.


Our outcomes. ⇡

There is vast evidence that coaching works. But solo operators lack the scope and the data to quantify the impact of their work. Through regular 360 assessments, Hollis demonstrates uplifts in those individuals & teams who receive coaching.

When we then map these uplifts to business-level impact across performance, wellbeing and retention metrics, coaching yields a conservatively estimated 3–5x return on investment.

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