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⇡ Emerging leaders.

The competition for talent is fierce, and it pays to invest in High Potentials (HiPos) as companies build out their leadership pipeline. Preparing this workforce segment for added expectations is critical.

To take the step up from emerging to established, HiPos need to feel aligned to a company's mission, to find meaning in their work, and to experience personal growth. When paired with an expert coach, these individuals can become tomorrow's leaders.

Front-line managers. ⇠

The step-up from contributor is one of the most challenging, stressful transitions any professional will ever make. What's more, this core role has a disproportionate influence on the performance and engagement of teams, impacting any company's bottom line.

A good coach can fast-track a manager's development – helping them create the sort of psychologically safe, feedback rich and collectively aligned environments that drive business success.

MANAGERS (2).png


Opportunity-seeking. Autonomy-loving. Achievement-oriented. High-performers put in the work, day to day, and are highly productive. They demand a lot of themselves, and their workplace.

Ongoing development can help them step back from perfectionism, enhance trust & collaboration with others and avoid burnout. With expert coaching, high-performers can role model the behaviours you intend to take hold throughout your organization.

⇣ Other key use cases.

Return-to-work parents

are juggling an entire life outside of their job. Coaching can enhance their wellbeing, work-life balance and overall intent to stay.

New starters

often carry self-doubt and impostor syndrome around, sometimes for months on end. Support their onboarding experience as best you can.

Teams in transition

can find themselves part of a restructuring, short on staff or tight on time. They'll need a coach to help them navigate uncharted waters.

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