A pricing model that flexes alongside your business.

Hollis offers three program types – together we can align on which mix is best, depending on your personnel, budget and coaching objectives.


3 Coaching Program Options

All programs involve virtual (online) coaching with a matched Hollis coach.


Typically for new managers, supervisors & high performers

~$1,500/ program seat
  • 4 sessions at 4-week intervals
  • 1hr intro session + 3x45mins
  • Certified coach
  • Boost in 1-2 key behaviours/skills
  • Additional features, including:
  • Ongoing assessments & analytics
  • Personalised development plans
  • Coach-curated content & nudges


Typically for mid-level managers & emerging leaders

~$3,000/ program seat
  • 6 sessions at 3-week intervals
  • 1hr intro session + 5x60mins
  • Certified senior coach
  • Elevate 3-4 key behaviours/skills
  • Diagnostics, Analytics & more (see additional features below)


Typically for directors, executives and senior leaders

~$4,500/ program seat
  • 8+ sessions at 2-week intervals
  • 1.5hr intro session + 7x60mins
  • Certified executive coach
  • Ongoing transformative changes
  • Diagnostics, Analytics & more (see additional features below)

Features included in every Program

Diagnostics, Analytics, Content and more included in program fees.

Program Features

included in our solution

No extra cost
  • Baseline + ongoing assessments
  • Personalised development plans
  • Workforce analytics reports
  • Curated micro-learnings
  • Regular nudges by email/SMS

Frequently Asked Questions

Can participants choose their coach?

Based on pre-coaching surveys, Hollis recommends up to three coaches for individuals to select from.

Is there any minimum commitment?

At the individual level, the Starter program of 4 sessions is the minimum commitment we ask so that some positive change is experienced. At the organisational level, we'll work with you to craft the best mix of programs for your workforce.

What if a participant wants to switch coach?

Individuals can change their coach anytime before the 3rd session begins, and we'll work with them to find a suitable replacement.

Are there any face-to-face options?

Hollis is remote-first, and all our coaching takes place online via video conferencing. Research indicates that virtual coaching is just as effective in facilitating positive change as in-person approaches.

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