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Hollis makes it easier than ever to deploy evidence-based, measurable and scalable coaching to your key workforce segments. Here's how it works.



Pinpoint hidden behavioural & cultural gaps.

Identify priorities
Together, we’ll align on what business priorities you’re looking to support through coaching.

Identify key personnel
360° assessments across your workforce help identify who should receive coaching first.

Identify areas for change
Each coachee can then uplift those mindsets, behaviours & skills worthy of attention.



Coaching that meets your workforce where they are – in Slack, email, text.

Session scheduling
Once invited, coachees can schedule sessions with their matched coach online.

1-to-1 video coaching
While coaching programs vary in duration, all sessions are 60 mins, weeks apart, over video.

Digital interventions
Targeted nudges, micro-learnings & exercises are curated and delivered in the flow of work.



Baseline and benchmark progress in your people's ongoing development.

Individual improvements
Periodic assessments of coachees enable us to report anonymised developmental uplifts.

Organizational outcomes
We track changes in metrics such as intent to stay & job satisfaction to help prove your ROI.

Workforce insights
Quarterly, we provide insights into coachee participation, coach satisfaction and more.

Built for modern work.

Flexible, fast and scalable.

Flexibly designed

Choose how many coaching seats you're after, and for how long. Flex up or down with each passing quarter.

Quick to launch

Where other coaching providers can take months to set up, Hollis can be up and running in a matter of weeks.

Simple to scale

We can grow as your business does, enabling you to offer more coaching to more staff across more locations.

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