Elevate managers and
emerging leaders with
1:1 performance coaching.

Hollis is a coaching solution made for modern work – helping innovative companies equip their key people with the mindsets, behaviours & skills to fuel growth.

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Make next-level change with Hollis. ⇠


We leverage the latest research across the behavioural sciences to inform our approach.


All our coaches are either internationally certified or have a background in psychology.

Flexibly turnkey

Virtually accessible & scalable coaching means you can get started in weeks, not months.


Elevate your key people in key moments. ⇡

Front-line managers

have an outsized impact on team performance, retention and business bottom-line.


role model behaviours that ripple through any company culture.

Teams in transition

often need a helping hand adjusting to a new role, unit or location.

⇣ Why coaching works.

Coaching overcomes the drawbacks of traditional L&D solutions, such as instructor-led training and one-off seminars, which often suffer from low retention and low sustained change.

Personalisation, practice and the proven techniques involved in coaching means behaviour change and workforce improvements can finally take hold – for the long term.


Ready, set, grow!

Let's explore how Hollis can elevate your business.